If you are building your own investment property, a construction loan may best suit your needs.

You can use a construction loan to purchase land and then access the funds as needed to meet the building costs.  Or, if you already have a block of land, a construction loan will finance the construction costs of a new dwelling on that land or even major renovations to an existing property.

A fixed price building contract from a registered builder is required, along with the usual necessary documents, when applying for a construction loan. These loans are usually interest only for the period of building and then become principal and interest once building is completed.

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  • Competitive variable interest rates
  • Facility to draw money when necessary whilst building
  • Interest only payments during the building period
  • Additional payments can be made


  • Requires a fixed price building contract leaving little room for change whilst building
  • Some lenders charge a fee for every time you draw money whilst building
  • Given it is a variable loan; loan repayments will increase if interest rates go up

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